Purchase a Carman Ranch Share



Because you are purchasing a portion of an animal, we are required to sell it to you by its "hanging weight."  The hanging weight is the total weight of the side of beef or pork before it is portioned into steaks, roasts and grind.  Because each animal is different, yours will fall within a range of weights.  The totals listed below reflect the average weights of our cows and pigs.


Beef quarters range from 120 pounds to 180 pounds (hanging weight).  The hanging weight price for a quarter is $5.00 per pound. The amount of meat that you will take home and put in your freezer will weigh between 78 pounds and 117 pounds.

Valley Meat Service's processing fee is  $.99 per pound and the on-farm harvest fee is $120.00.

For the purpose of maintaining an accurate inventory, we sell our animals in one-quarter increments.  If you want to order more than one-quarter cow (or pig), choose 2 quarters for a side (1/2) beef or pig, 3 quarters for 3/4 beef, or 4 quarters for a whole beef.  As always, we offer a discount on each quantity over one-quarter. (Two quarters (1/2) beef is $4..75 per pound hanging weight, and a whole beef is $4.50 per pound hanging weight.)


Half hogs weigh about 100 pounds (hanging weight) and yield 70 to 75 pounds of cut meat for your freezer. (Double those numbers for the approximate weight and yield from a whole hog.) The hanging weight price for hogs is $5.50 per pound.

The pigs are harvested on the farm for a $80.00 per animal fee ($40.00 per half hog) and transported to Valley Meat Services in Wallowa (541-886-3034). Valley Meat charges $.94 per pound to cut and "wrap" (vacuum-seal) the meat, and $1.15 per pound for items that are cured and smoked.

This is what the pricing looks like for on 1/2 hog weighing 100 pounds:
Example Cost Structure for one-half pig:

Hanging Weight:  $ 550.00 ($5.50 x100 pounds)

Mobile Butcher Fee:  $ 40.00

Butcher Shop Cut/Wrap:  $ 94.00 ($0.94x100 pounds)

Smoke/Cure:   $ 40.00 ($1.15x 35 pounds [22 pounds ham and 12 to 14 pounds bacon])

TOTAL COST: $ 724.00