Whole Grass-Fed Lamb (Deposit)

Whole Grass-Fed Lamb (Deposit)

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The lambs weigh about 125 pounds (~87 pounds hanging weight) and yield about 48  pounds of cut meat for your freezer. The hanging weight price for a lamb is $6.00 per pound.

The lambs are harvested on the farm for a $95.00 per animal fee and transported to Valley Meat Services in Wallowa. Valley Meat charges $.99 per pound to cut and wrap (vacuum-seal) the meat. 

This is what the pricing looks like for a lamb weighing 125 pounds. Please remember that carcass weights vary from one animal to the next, and your lamb may not look exactly like this one.

Hanging Weight ($6.00 x 87) $522.00
Mobile Butcher Fee  $95.00
Butcher Shop Cut & Wrap ($.99 x 85 pounds) $85.00
TOTAL $702.00