Our production began slowly, with the purchase of a Tamworth sow and the purpose of filling our own freezer with a supply of healthy tasty pork. We were extremely pleased with the first litter (sired by Andy, a Hereford boar) and with our discovery that the pigs could benefit the ranch’s prairies by rooting out invasive weeds and allowing native grasses the chance to re-establish themselves. After we move the pigs to fresh grazing areas, we replant the loosened soil with native grasses, and the pigs go to work on a new area.

Our Tamworth-Hereford cross hogs are:
- Heritage breeds, which promote genetic diversity
- Pastured on alfalfa, clover, triticale, oats, various grasses and roots
- Fed nuts and seeds, as well as non-GMO, locally raised barley and mineral supplement
- Never given hormones, antibiotics, or additives
- Integral in preparing our pastures for replanting and restoring with their natural rooting activity
- Raised sustainably as part of the Carman Ranch holistic ranching ecosystem
- Harvested with care and compassion
- Delicious, well-marbled with rich, robust flavor and a pleasing texture