2018 Pork and Beef Shares

Beef and pork shares are now available for purchase with delivery to Portland on Saturday, October 13th, 10 am to noon, and Saturday, November 17, 2018, 10 am to noon. 

We also have shares of ground beef and of our organ meat pet food blend.


Because you are purchasing a portion of an animal, we are required to sell it to you by its "hanging weight."  The hanging weight is the total weight of the side of beef or pork before it is portioned into steaks, roasts and grind.  Because each animal is different, yours will fall within a range of weights.  The totals listed below reflect the average weights of our cows and pigs.


Beef quarters range from 120 pounds to 180 pounds (hanging weight).  The hanging weight price for a quarter is $4.55 per pound, or a total cost of between $546.00 and $819.00.  This represents an average price of $7.00 per pound for the cut meat you receive.  The amount of meat that you will take home and put in your freezer will weigh between 78 pounds and 117 pounds.

Valley Meat Service's processing fee of  $.79 per pound and the $75.00 on-farm harvest fee are included in the above figures.

For the purpose of maintaining an accurate inventory, we sell our animals in one-quarter increments.  If you want to order more than one-quarter cow (or pig), choose 2 quarters for a side (1/2) beef or pig, 3 quarters for 3/4 beef, or 4 quarters for a whole beef.  As always, we offer a discount on each quantity over one-quarter. (Two quarters (1/2) beef is $4.45 per pound hanging weight, and a whole beef is $4.35 per pound hanging weight.)


Half hogs weigh about 100 pounds (hanging weight) and yield 70 to 75 pounds of cut meat for your freezer. The hanging weight price for a half hog is $3.35 per pound.

The pigs are harvested on the farm for a $65.00 per animal fee ($32.50 per half hog) and transported to Valley Meat Services in Wallowa (541-886-3034). Valley Meat charges $.74 per pound to cut and "wrap" (vacuum-seal) the meat, and $1.00 per pound for items that are cured and smoked.

This is what the pricing looks like for on 1/2 hog weighing 100 pounds:
Example Cost Structure for one-half pig:

Hanging Weight:  $ 335.00 ($3.35x100 pounds)

Mobile Butcher Fee:  $ 32.50

Butcher Shop Cut/Wrap:  $ 74.00 ($0.74x100 pounds)

Smoke/Cure:   $ 35.00 ($1.00x 35 pounds [22 pounds ham and 12 to 14 pounds bacon])

TOTAL COST: $ 476.50



Quarter Cow - $250 Deposit--SOLD OUT--

Quarter Cow - $250 Deposit--SOLD OUT--
What are my cut options?

Half Pig- $200 Deposit--SOLD OUT--

Half Pig- $200 Deposit--SOLD OUT--
What are my cut options?

100% Grassfed Pet Food Blend with Organ Meat, 21 pounds, $75.00 --SOLD OUT--

100% Grassfed Pet Food Blend with Organ Meat, 21 pounds, $75.00 --SOLD OUT--
What are my cut options?

Carman Ranch Cutting Order Options

Beef Cutting Options:  If you order a quarter of beef, you can choose from the three cutting options below and we will do our best to accommodate special requests, but it is very difficult to do this on quarter orders.

If your order is one-half or more, you can chose one of the options below or request changes to meet your cooking preferences.

Cut Option 1 — Full Variety Option

This option is for people who want every cut. If you prefer grilling, stir-fry and kabobs in the summer and love to cook beef in the oven or crock pot during the winter, this option is for you. The premium steaks only require a little salt and attention to make sure they aren’t overcooked. The sirloin and round steaks should be marinated before using in satay, stir-fry, or kabobs. They are incredibly flavorful, but are quite lean and cook quickly. The roasts should be dry roasted to an internal temperature of 135 degrees. There will be several pot roasts (bone-in chucks) that are excellent for braising and make awesome shredded beef, and one tri-tip or brisket. We typically brine our brisket for St. Paddy’s Day. The tri-tip or flank steak is good with a nice rub and grilled on the BBQ.

* Please note that approximately 40% of this option will be ground beef.

Cut Option 2 — Steak and Ground Beef Option

This option is for people who grill steaks and burgers in the summer, and includes one roast for roast beef, but no braising cuts. If you never plan ahead enough to cook a pot roast but don't mind marinating a round steak, this option is for you. The rump roast is great roast beef—it should be dry roasted (not braised) to an internal temperature of 135 degrees or less to retain moisture, but this typically takes just over an hour. The burger and steaks can be thrown on a grill, but do pay special attention to the sirloin and round steaks—they are very easy to overcook.  We prefer to marinate them, or slice thin for stir fry.

*Approximately 50-60% of this option will be ground beef.

Cut Option 3 — Mostly Ground Beef with Premium Steaks

This option is for people who don’t have the time or inclination to cook roasts or marinate steaks! If you don’t like to spend more than 20 minutes on dinner, ever, this option is for you. The sirloin, chucks, and rounds will be ground into premium ground beef. This option will yield considerably more ground beef (approx 70 lbs) but we have plenty of ground beef recipes so you won’t get bored. Besides, who gets tired of hamburgers!

Additional Information

Regardless of which cutting option you chose

Pork Cutting Options: 

After placing your order, we will contact you directly to ask about the additional cutting specs outlined in this form.