Random Testimonials

Shana C.

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing beef ... and the Cooking Guide out you handed out. It is so helpful to have on hand.”

John B.

 “Thanks for making such a terrific product. We’ll certainly be emailing another order as we run low.”

John D.

“I've found Carman Ranch beef to be excellent quality and I'm actually eating more beef since I just have to grab something from the freezer.”

Kristin W.

“I can’t say enough about the beef. We love it and are so pleased we have found your ranch and can count on such a great product.”

Amy B.

 “The meat is EXCELLENT! The cuts and packaging are perfect for our needs as a family of four, with boys who love beef.”

Art L.

 “We just finished eating a genuine grassfed t-bone steak from Carman Ranch and agree we’ve truly never tasted steak any better.”

Caroline L.

“We LOVE the beef we bought from you! It's the best I've ever worked with, and I'm hoarding my stash.”

Sue K.

 “I am thoroughly impressed with your product, process and outreach.”

Mark S.

“Your beef is definitely the best quality I've found!  Count on me for another order next fall.”

Amanda B.

“The beef is excellent!”

Deborah K.

“I've probably bought four cows in the last few years and yours is by far superior in all aspects. ...the quality of the product itself is exceptional.”

John and Vicki M.

“We appreciate knowing where our beef has been raised, and having a connection with you, the hard-working farmers.”

Earl Hook
Chef, Meriwether’s Restaurant
and Skyline Farm

“The beefy flavor, juicy texture and sweet grassy fragrance of Carman Ranch beef keeps me coming back for more. The meat is MARVELOUS.”

Jason French
Ned Ludd

“As we expand our business, which is dedicated to high-quality handcrafted food and the relationships we have with our growers, we look forward to growing with Carman Ranch.”

Vitaly Paley
Paley's Place
Bistro and Bar

“Rich-tasting, tender, delicious and affordable grassfed beef —Carman Ranch delivers on all those fronts with flying colors.”

Peter de Garmo
Owner, Pastaworks

“Carman Ranch’s responsible animal husbandry and sustainable land use practices provide our customers with great tasting Oregon beef.”