When you order a quarter of beef, you'll choose one of the three cutting options below. We'll do our best to accommodate special requests, but it's extremely difficult to customize quarter shares.

If you order a half or whole beef, you'll chose one of the three cutting options and have the opportunity to make special requests by completing this form. Half and whole beef orders will not be considered complete until we receive this cutting order

Please notefor all cut options:

  • Steaks are cut 1-1/4" thick and come 2 per package
  • Ground beef is 80/20 and comes in 1-1/2 pound packages
  • Roasts weigh between approximately 3 pounds
  • All cuts come in BPE-free cryovac packages, the only option available at our local cutting shop. We've looked into other options and have yet to find one that is recyclable. We will continue working on this one!

OPTION A — Full Variety Option

If you want a little bit of every cut, like grilling, stir-frys and kabobs in the summer and slow-cooking in the oven or crock pot during the winter, this option is for you. The premium steaks require nothing more than a little salt and special attention, to make sure they aren’t overcooked. Marinate the sirloin and round steaks before using for stir-frys, satay or kabobs; they're incredibly flavorful, but quite lean and cook quickly. The roasts should be dry roasted to an internal temperature of 135 degrees and are excellent for braising. (We like to brine the brisket for St. Paddy’s Day.) The tri-tip (or flank steak) is good with a flavorful rub, grilled on the BBQ.

  • Tenderloin steak
  • T-Bone steak
  • NY steak (bone-in) 
  • Rib steaks
  • Top sirloin steaks
  • Sirloin tip roast
  • Tri-tip or flank steak
  • Brisket
  • Short ribs -- braising (standard), Korean-style or BBQ style
  • Chuck roast and arm roast (pot roast)
  • Eye of round roast
  • Round steak
  • Rump roast (for roast beef)
  • Ground beef (approximately 40% of total weight)
  • Soup bones

OPTION B — Steak and Ground Beef Option

If you wait all year to grill steaks and burgers in the summer, this option is for you! If you can't always plan ahead, to braise a pot roast, but don't mind marinating a round steak, Option B is the one to choose. 

Throw the burger and steaks on the grill after seasoning, and pay special attention to the sirloin and round steaks, which are easy to overcook. Try marinating them, of thinly slicing for stir fry.

  • Tenderloin steak
  • T-Bone steak
  • NY steaks (bone-in)
  • Rib steak
  • Top sirloin steak
  • Top round steak
  • Tri-tip or flank steak
  • Brisket
  • Short ribs
  • Chuck roast
  • Stew meat
  • Ground beef (50-60% of total weight)
  • Soup bones


OPTION C — Mostly Ground Beef with Premium Steaks

If you don’t have the time or inclination to braise a roast or marinate steaks, this is the option for you! If you don’t like to spend more than 20 minutes on dinner, ever, this option is for you. We'll grind the sirloin, chucks, and rounds into premium ground beef and you'll be able to get most dinners on the table in 30 minutes. Note: This option yields considerably more ground beef than the others, but we've got plenty of recipes to help you keep things exciting. Besides, have you met anyone who gets tired of hamburgers?

  • Tenderloin steak
  • T-Bone steak
  • NY steak (bone-in)
  • Rib steak
  • Top sirloin steak
  • Tri-tip or flank steak
  • Ground beef (approximately 70 pounds total)


There's no extra charge for organ meats, but we will pass on the processing and packaging costs from Valley Meat. Add one oxtail, heart or tongue per customer, and as much liver as you'd like:

  • Oxtail - $12 each
  • Liver - $10 each; one liver weighs approximately 10 pounds
  • Heart - $5 each
  • Tongue - $5 each


Regardless of which cutting option you chose

  • Steaks will be cut 1-1/4" thick and come 2 per package, unless otherwise specified
  • Roasts weigh approximately 3 pounds
  • Ground beef comes in 1-1/2 pound packages, unless otherwise specified
  • Packaging is BPE-free cryovac, which, unfortunately, is the only option available at our meat shop. We have explored alternatives but haven't found good ones that are recyclable. (Paper appropriate for wrapping beef is lined with plastic, and recyclable brown paper used for food cannot be recycled. Similarly, the cryovac plastic we use can can be recycled, but will not be accepted if it has been used for food.) We'll continue to work on finding better options!


After placing your order, complete this formOrders will not be considered complete until we receive this cutting order