Early August

Things have been busy on McClaran Ranch.  Summer is quickly going by and we have been trying to keep up. We breed and raise all of our own horses to ride when we move cows. We raise our own horses so they are born and raised in the environment they will work in.  This results in our horses all being comfortable with the landscape and being sure footed. This week we moved our brood mares and babies to a new pasture.

My dad, Beth and I went and checked on our yearlings. They are all grazing happily and getting fat on the summer grass.  We continually rotate the yearlings through pastures to give the plants rest and time to re grow.  In this picture the yearlings are in grass almost over their heads.

Carman Ranch hosted an event for a few Bon Appétit Chef’s and employees.  Carman Ranch grass fed beef is now offered at some Bon Appétit locations in the Portland area.  This tour was designed to show where the meat comes from, how it’s raised and create a connection from pasture to the table.  The group toured Carman Ranch as well as McClaran’s.  We told stories about the life of cattle ranchers in Wallowa County, raising grass fed beef, as well as sampled some tasty beef.  Cory talked about sustainability, and grazing rotations.  At McClaran’s proper animal handling was discussed and demonstrated by Scott McClaran.


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