Wallowa County Ranch Life

Hello everyone!

My name is Maggie McClaran.  I am fourth generation cattle rancher in Wallowa County.   Our family ranch was started in 1919 by my great grandfather Joe McClaran.  I am the youngest of three daughters to be born to my parents Scott and Vicki. We are all currently home working on the ranch together to take care of our 1,000 head of mother cows. Due to the large size of our operation we are partnering with Carman Ranch to meet the growing demand for grass fed beef.  I am a going to be a senior at Oregon State this fall pursuing a degree in Agricultural Business Management.  I am here to give updates on the happenings of the Carman as well as McClaran ranch.  This will provide all of you with a closer, more detailed look at the daily routine of working cattle ranches in Wallowa County.  If there are any questions about my posts/pictures or you are interested in knowing something more about what I have said feel free to contact me. Below are a few pictures to paint the picture of my family.

Left to right. Jill 26, graduate from University of Idaho with a degree in Animal Sciences. My dad Scott, lifelong rancher, and daily operations manager. Me. Mom Vicki, receptionist, bookeeper, and head of finances.  Beth 23, graduate from Oregon State University with a degree in Rangeland Ecology and Managment.

Three McClaran sisters moving our yearling cattle.

My grandfather Jack McClaran. At 83 years old he still loves spending time on the ranch.
Me, moving a group of our mother cows.

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