Pastured Heritage Hog (Deposit)

Pastured Heritage Hog (Deposit)

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Half hogs weigh about 100 pounds (hanging weight) and yield 70 to 75 pounds of cut meat for your freezer. The hanging weight price for a half hog is $4.50 per pound and $4.30 for a whole hog.

The pigs are harvested on the farm for a $80.00 per animal fee ($40.00 per half hog) and transported to Valley Meat Services in Wallowa  Valley Meat charges $.94 per pound to cut and "wrap" (vacuum-seal) the meat, and $1.15 per pound for items that are cured and smoked. 

This is what the pricing might look like for a  1/2 hog weighing 100 pounds:

Hanging Weight


Mobile Butcher Fee


Butcher Shop Cut & Wrap


Smoke & Cure (22 pounds ham, 12-14 pounds bacon