What Our Partners Have to Say

We are proud to be featured on the menus of several of Portland’s finest restaurants, at local meat counters and in sustainably minded dining halls. We value our relationship with these professionals and think of them not only as our partners but our friends.

“Paley’s Place has wanted to add local grassfed beef to our menu for quite some time, but we were having difficulty finding a reliable source for a good tasting product at an affordable price. Knowing how the animals are raised and treated is also of paramount importance to us. When Cory wanted to start supplying our restaurant with Carman Ranch beef her message fell on fertile ground. Rich-tasting, tender, delicious and affordable grassfed beef — Carman Ranch delivers on all those fronts with flying colors. Good for us, tasty and sustainable, we are happy and proud to offer Carman Ranch beef to our customers. Thank you, Cory, for making this happen.”

— Vitaly Paley chef/owner Paley’s Place Bistro and Bar Portland, Oregon

“Cory Carman proves that a passion for and commitment to understanding grassfed beef , its overall care and production creates not only the BEST beef that we can eat, but is the responsible choice for a rancher who cares about the environment and the well-being of her animals. The beefy flavor, juicy texture and sweet grassy fragrance of Carman Ranch beef keeps me coming back for more. The meat is MARVELOUS and I am proud to serve it at Meriwether’s Restaurant and Skyline Farm.”

— Earl Hook, chef Meriwether’s Restaurant and Skyline Farm

Ned Ludd began using Carman Ranch beef in August of 2009. We were interested in finding a high quality 100% pastured beef supplier in Oregon. The samples Cory delivered to us were packed with amazing full, beefy flavor with deep herbal notes.

While it may seem like high quality grassfed beef would be out of our price range as a small restaurant, we took some of the lesser known cuts from the whole animals for our charcuteries program, and our customers are really excited about the tongue and the tenderloin carpaccio we’ve been serving! We appreciate our relationship with Carman Ranch and Cory, who is receptive and committed to her cattle. As we expand our business model, which is dedicated to high-quality handcrafted food and the relationships we have with our growers, we look forward to growing with Carman Ranch.

— Jason French, chef/co-owner Ned Ludd

“It’s a pleasure to sell—and consume—grassfed beef from Carman Ranch. Many of our customers want to know where their food comes from and how it is raised and processed. Carman Ranch’s responsible animal husbandry and sustainable land use practices provide our customers with great tasting Oregon beef.”

— Peter de Garmo, owner, Pastaworks