Grass-Fed Beef Share (Deposit)

Grass-Fed Beef Share (Deposit)

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After placing 1/2 and whole beef orders, complete this form to specify your cutting option, order organ meats and make special requests. Your order will not be considered complete until we receive a cutting order.

Beef quarters range from 170 pounds to 200 pounds (hanging weight) and yield between 75 and 115 pounds for cut meat for your freezer. The hanging weight price for a quarter is $5.00 per pound. (Double those numbers for a rough estimate on a half beef, and double them again for a whole beef. The hanging weight price is $4.75 per pound for a half beef, or $4.50 for a whole beef.)

The cows are harvested on the farm for a fee of $145.00 per animal ($38.75 per quarter cow) and transported to Valley Meat Services in Wallowa. Valley Meat charges $.99 per pound to cut and "wrap" (vacuum-seal) the meat.

Here's what the pricing might look like for a  1/4 cow weighing 175 pounds:

Hanging Weight


Mobile Butcher Fee


Butcher Shop Cut & Wrap




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