Finally, Heritage pork available.

Three years ago, in an attempt to fill our personal freezer with a supply of scrumptious pork, we purchased our very first Tamworth sow, a ginger-haired breed with a reputation for producing the best bacon.  She gave us our first litter last fall, and we were extremely pleased with how delicious the pork was.  We sold several halves from that first litter and everyone who bought one agreed that the pork is exceptional. 

Now we have enough sows and pigs to cast a wider net.  We will have 9 pigs (available as halves or whole animals) to bring to Portland on the October 22 delivery date.  Kevin Silvera at Valley Meats—the same butcher who does an amazing job with our beef—works with Carman Ranch to cut and cure our hogs.  His work is impeccable, his seasoning right on and we are lucky to have him.  We’re selling the pork for $3.35 per pound plus cut and wrap. If you want to be one of the lucky few to add a half pig to your freezer, please fill out our order form, or email me with the information and send the deposit via to my email address or check to our physical address.